Film Production


We are funding and producing 6 feature films directed and produced by women  with a commitment to changing the landscape of business practices in Hollywood.

Catalyst Studios was formed to deliver a slate of high-quality, fiscally conscious, commercially successful films with broad and identifiable audiences while giving new and visionary filmmakers unique opportunities that have previously been scarce.

We intend to bring stories to life by employing work practices that have an aspirational message and carry values that may lead to social impact. By focusing on underrepresented talent in the industry, Catalyst is merging great stories with highly capable and creative hands, in a work environment that we hope will become the blueprint for the future.

Catalyst provides opportunities to incredibly talented women that the industry has either ignored or overlooked. Catalyst is funding projects that give these female filmmakers a platform to showcase their creativity and skill in a variety of works.

This slate covers a diverse collection of films, from aspirational storylines, action-based adventures, and psychological thrillers. The Catalyst mission is to shine a light on female talent, promoting women in every role of the process in front of and behind the camera.

Video Camera

This is a joint venture endeavor between Positive Catalyst, LLC, which has a history and focus on paradigm shifting investment in the entertainment industry, and Beacon Pictures, one of the most successful and respected independently financed film and television companies in the entertainment business. For the last 25 years, Beacon has made some of the best loved movies of the era. Beacon has 48 films; including Bring it On, Air Force One, The Hurricane, Spy Games and Family Man, as well as 208 TV hours; including the international hit Castle and Agent X.  Beacon has an impeccable reputation and is highly respected by industry peers of production expertise and a track record of success.



In order to successfully deliver our message, Catalyst must create projects that reach the broadest possible audience and hold their attention. To do this, Catalyst must first entertain. By entertaining its audience, Catalyst will be able to hold an audience's attention for long enough to deliver our message. Hopefully, this message will inspire them. If the message of what we do and how we do it has in some way inspired our audience, then maybe this ‘inspiration’ will be the catalyst for positive change.

Studio Set Up